The Celtics Through the Eyes of a Fan

The basketball season will soon commence and another quest for Banner #18 begins in November!

One of the main things that I hope to accomplish with this blog is to objectively inform Boston Celtics’ fans about the team.

There are plenty of blogs that give fans what they want to hear, meaning that they only point out certain aspects of a game or player. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but I want to expand on that and talk about the pros and cons about an issue.

I won’t just blog about players or games as there’s a lot more going on about the Celtics. I’ll also post links to articles and write about an event or issue that involves a former player, trade rumors, and potential free agent signings.

Two sources that I’ll refer to frequently are and the Boston Herald. These two websites are probably the most viewed news sources in the Boston area. They have legitimate writers with good knowledge of the team, and the websites frequently have good articles, especially during the season.

Another good site is This website has the closest ties to the Celtics than any other news outlet in the region and is strictly about sports. Comcast SportsNet (CSN) is the station that airs Celtics games, so it makes sense that they have a lot of information on the team. Plus they have A.Sherrod Blakely working as the Celtics’ Insider.

Outside of news and sports websites, there are a few other sites that are quite interesting and will help me form this blog. The main one is Basketball Reference and this site is a mecca for basketball statistics. Any and all possible stats that have been recorded since the NBA began can be found here.

I like humor and has some good sports articles with a humorous twist to it, and fan forums, which provide a different perspective than the articles.

Many rumors about trades or free agent signings will come from

A lot of the information will also come from what I know, but many facts will be cited from these sources and many more that I find online.


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