Five Basketball Blogs That Will Keep You Informed

If you like websites such as ESPN, CSNNE, FoxSports, and Sports Illustrated but want more, then take a look at these five interesting blogs, especially if you’re a Celtics’ fan!

Over the last few years, Yahoo! Sports has emerged as a leader in breaking sports news or reporting on interesting stories. It has earned such a good reputation that many of the best sportswriters in America have left newspapers to go work at Yahoo!.

Being a reputable website also led Yahoo! to create blogs for different sports. For basketball, the blog Ball Don’t Lie has interesting stories that range from announcing player trades or signings, to President Obama’s obsession of playing pick-up basketball games to catching up with past players such as Celtics’ legend Bill Russell.

There’s a little bit of everything.

Aside from this, many of the sportswriters for each sport have their own blogs too. Here fans can find blogs for NBA experts Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears who provide in-depth coverage of player movement and rumors.

If Yahoo! Sports is too broad with their coverage, then maybe SB Nation would satisfy a fan’s thirst for sports.

SB Nation is a site where everything is strictly blogs. This is a great site if fans want to get news for just the teams or region they live in. For example, there’s a SB Nation Boston with sites that follow under it for the teams in Boston such as CelticsBlog for the Celtics. SB Nation is a must visit for sports fans.

Like Yahoo!, NBC Sports jumped onto the sports blogging bandwagon as well.

It has ProBasketballTalk (PBT) and it’s a good site as it gives fans news from around the NBA, rumors, and articles on past and current players. The downside is the majority of articles are written by just one writer. However, it’s highly worth visiting, as it’s quite informative.

The last blog that will be highlighted is RealGM Basketball. There are good blogs here, as this site gathers all sorts of NBA news from the internet to form their articles. However, the highlight for this site is that all the current players in the NBA can be found in a database. For example, if you want to look up Paul Pierce and see all the news or stats regarding him; you click on his name and a page will come up with all sorts of information about his career. Another cool feature for this website is you can sort players out alphabetically, by team, position, or college etc.

These are just a few blogs that’ll interest you, but overall these websites will get you that basketball fix that you crave.

Photo (cc) by Will Brenner and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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