10 Twitter Feeds You Should Follow

As a die-hard Celtics fan, I’m always looking for different stories regarding the team, and some of the most exciting news can be player transactions. When an acquisition is made, the first questions people ask are who’s coming and who’s going.

Fans are enamored by trades and signings because there’s a new player coming to town. They’re also going to try and figure out the impact the move is going to have now, and in the future.

So when the trade deadline gets close, or when free agency is about to begin, the internet is probably the best way to get wind of moves. Of course, most sites aren’t going to report on transactions unless their beat reporter has legitimate sources to back up what he or she is reporting.

So the best way to know what’s going on is following writers on Twitter.

Most sportswriters have Twitter accounts where they’ll break news as soon as they get it. In other words, they want to be the first to report it.

Through my experience with Twitter, I have found it to be extremely helpful in putting this blog together. Like what’s mentioned above, Twitter allows sportswriters to break news in real time. If a trade happens or news on an injury to a player occurs, then once it’s broken or announced, I can start a blog before most news sites even know what’s going on. Twitter will also help me on my beat as many of the writers will post links to their wall about a story that I might want to write about.

With saying that, here are ten Twitter feeds from people and organizations that will give you a “press pass” into the NBA and the Celtics.

1.) A.Sherrod Blakely – All Celtics fans should put Blakely’s Twitter feed at the top of their “Celtics News” list. He is the main Celtics Insider who’s usually the first to break any type of news regarding the Celtics and makes regular TV appearances on CSNNE during the basketball season. His feed not only breaks news, but has links to posts he has written for CSNNE and sometimes he answers fans questions about the Celtics.

2.) Adrian Wojnarowski – Is extremely knowledgeable and one of the top writers covering the NBA in the country. He has a lot of sources and is a go-to guy regarding trade rumors and news around the league. Following him would be wise. Wojnarowski’s feed is full of player signings and news from around the league.

3.) Bill Simmons – Now Simmons isn’t an NBA Insider, but he’s probably the first person in world to make a blog into a successful career way before anyone thought of utilizing one back in the late ’90s. His Twitter is well used. He’s also a diehard Celtics and basketball fan and some of his tweets are comical. Links to his website Grantland have interesting articles, which are supposedly written from a fan’s point of view.

4.) Marc Spears – Used to be the Celtics Insider before leaving to work for Yahoo! Sports on a national level. However, his Celtics sources still help him break news and announce player signings on his Twitter. His feed is currently full of player signings and links to stories he has written for Yahoo.

5.) Sam Amico – Like some of the other writers listed, his Twitter feed has many current player signings. The one difference that can be seen is he mixes his personal life with work. He likes to read, so he’ll post pictures of books he likes to read. In any case, he’s a reputable writer with good sources and knowledge of the game.

6.) Paul Pierce – Well all fans should follow the Celtics captain, because he’s…well….the Celtics captain! Pierce’s tweets usually consist of him tweeting to kids about staying fit and linking to his blog The Truth on Health, where he encourages young people to lead healthy lifestyles.

7.) Marc Stein – One of ESPN’s senior writers where he breaks news from around the league and has his ever popular NBA Power Rankings during the season, which he links from his Twitter. He also has links on his feed, and tweets for the other sports he covers at ESPN such as soccer and tennis. Despite that, basketball is the main sport he writes and tweets about.

8.) Gary Washburn – The main Celtics insider at the Boston Globe. He doesn’t use Twitter a lot, but during the basketball season he becomes a good source of Celtics information. Washburn has broken a lot of news and has good sources. He’s definitely worth following.

9.) Paul Flannery – An up and coming Celtics writer. He has funny tweets and is also a journalism professor at Boston University, so he’s going to lead by example. He also uses Twitter to post interesting articles about the Celtics on his blog Green Street, which can be found on WEEI.

10.) Boston Celtics – Well if you’re going to follow any Twitter feeds, you might as well follow the Celtics official feed. Fans can find interesting facts and quotes from former or current Celtics’ personnel. Videos of player interviews are uploaded all the time, and the good will the Celtics display through volunteering is highlighted here as well.

Fans can find all sorts of other Twitter links about the NBA or Celtics all across the internet, but these are a few that stand out and who’ve been made into very reputable sources of information.

If these writers and websites say something, than the odds are pretty good that they’re true.


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