The Future of Journalism is BostInno. Get Used To It.

Journalism is changing right before our eyes.

An example of this is advertising. Just look at how Craigslist has replaced classifieds, and how advising in newspapers is being replaced by advertising on the web. In effect, this has hurt and destroyed print journalism over the last 10 years.

The question is, why is this happening?

It’s pretty simple really. It’s because it’s cheaper and more convenient for the consumer.

Aside from advertising, it’s also easier for people to just read news from the internet.


It’s cheaper and more convenient for the consumer. Why bother buying a newspaper when you can read it free online or some version of it without paying for a copy. Plus, there’s no paper to throw away or having something clutter the office or house. It’s mess free basically.

One news site is embracing the new wave of journalism and has shaken the newspaper foundation that has been around for almost 300 years.

This revolution news site is BostInno. When looking at it for the first time, you will immediately see a trendy look, design and reporting technique. Unlike traditional news sites and newspapers, which report hard news, BostInno writers write stories on interesting, trendy and humorous topics. They obviously cater to a younger crowd, who isn’t as interested in hard news or depressing stories, but things that’ll interest them and have an effect on them.

For example, the Presidential election is coming up soon and many people as tired of hearing all the bickering and political shots that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are taking at each other. It’s getting old, and most people know in the end that politicians will do or say anything to sit in the big chair in the Oval Office. But on BostInno, readers will be interested to see that articles have a different spin on the election. Stories include humorous videos such as the one where Obama “enters” a rap game, or ones that show pictures of an Obama supporter taking a leak in the background, while our president gives a rallying speech. It doesn’t seem that BostInno is making a political statement, but is letting readers decide what they want to do this November and they’re just showing interesting things about two political opponents.

Even the Mitt Romney leaked video of him talking to campaign supporters has been posted. However, the writer, Sam Dwyer, who posted the videos provides commentary of what was said and how it affects his campaign. He doesn’t seem to be slamming him by any means.

One of the biggest features that I’m impressed about is the amount of content on lifestyle and trends in the world we live in. Younger people want to go out and do different things and even buy cool merchandise. I know I do, so naturally I’m going to be interested in things such as cool comedy clubs, or even what to do this week in Boston and in the surrounding area. I could go on and on about the interesting articles that are part of lifestyle, but I’d need another few thousand words to write.

If readers want more, and want to read about marketing, travel and nutrition etc., than all they have to do is click on channels. According to BostInno, this is a feature “which gives companies and organizations the opportunity to participate in the daily discourse on BostInno by publishing directly to our platform.” In other words, it gets companies noticed and BostInno firmly believes that news is community driven, so why don’t they let these companies make their own news. To them anyone can be a publisher, which Chase Garbarino told us in class and has led to an opportunity of creation.

College students are a main focus for BostInno too. They fuel the trends and even the economy in Boston, so naturally there’s a section on the site that has interesting stories on education. Here readers will find stories about innovative students such as these two Harvard graduates who founded an online home goods store, and students at Brandeis University who are trying to land on the Today Show by showing off their school spirit.

There’s so much more this site offers from business to events to the future of technology.

Go and take a look for yourself. You’ll be impressed as I’m impressed by BostInno.

It seems to be the future of journalism. The site allows anyone to be a publisher and it focuses on the trends and lifestyles that the younger crowd craves. Garbarino said he plans to launch sites like this in New York and Chicago soon, and already has one starting up in Washington D.C. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these type of sites pop up in smaller regions that include a city like a Lowell, Worcester or Springfield. The days of buying newspapers and reading hard news seem to be dated and in the next 20-30 years, this new type of media and journalism will take over the business.


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