Using Twitter Is Quite Fun

Well my plans to cover to the 13th Annual Beer Summit sponsored by my favorite beer Sam Adams were dashed by unforeseen circumstances, which include tickets being sold out.

Oh well.

Like my time in the Army, we learn to improvise and adapt to the situation and the hand we’re dealt, so I took it upon myself to cover the Red Sox and Orioles on Friday night at Fenway Park.

Fenway Park from my seat

Now before I talk about my experience, this is the first year in my entire life that the Red Sox have become a blip on the radar. I have never seen a team so dysfunctional, distracted and detestable since maybe 2001 to an extent. Losing stinks, but when someone or a team chooses to make up excuses for bad play or to blame others such as the media, than they’re quite unlikeable. I could go on about this forever and make some good points as I’m passionate about my teams in Boston, but this isn’t the time nor place to do it for the moment.

Anyways, back to using Twitter to cover this game. The main thing I was hoping while covering this game was getting all the relevant information tweeted. That means tweeting about key moments in the game such as when either team scored a run, or when there was a pitching change. Things like that.

I mean if you’re going to cover a game, than you might as well get down all the relevant information. That was my goal and I accomplished it. I was able to tweet about Jon Lester’s performance easily as well as how runs were scored, such as Orioles’ catcher Matt Wieters driving in three runs during the Orioles’ 4-2 win. I even tweeted about interesting people, including Jim Roosevelt, grandson of former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who threw out a ceremonial first pitch. That was nice.

It also didn’t hurt to have some of the best seats in the house up in the Pavillion Box above the State Street Pavillion Club on the first base side. That helped a lot when it came to my vantage point.

Here are my tweets:

6:39 p.m.6:41 p.m7:04 p.m.7:11 p.m7:19 p.m.7:32 p.m.7:36 p.m.7:48 p.m.8:09 p.m.8:13 p.m.8:18 p.m.8:47 p.m.8:49 p.m.8:57 p.m.8:59 p.m.9:06 p.m.9:11 p.m.9:23 p.m.9:27 p.m.9:31 p.m.9:43 p.m.9:48 p.m.9:58 p.m.9:59 p.m., 10:01 p.m., 10:04 p.m., 10:12 p.m.

Now here are my positives and negatives about using Twitter to cover an event.

Positives first. I found it fun. I liked it and would like to do it again, especially if it’s sports related event. I don’t know why, but maybe because baseball is slowed paced that I had an easy time tweeting things about the game. Like I mentioned earlier, I was able to tweet about ALL the relevant information from the game, so if someone’s following me, they’ll get all the relevant information about the game and what’s going on at the park. It was also easy to take a picture and post it to Twitter using their mobile app. When you do that, it makes you a link and it gives you a chance to write a relevant tweet to accompany your picture. Pretty neat. I felt like I was reporting, well I was, and getting information out to the masses. All I needed was a computer to type on and I would’ve been a full-fledged sportswriter.

Some of the negatives were it isn’t easy to type on my phone. I don’t like touch screen keyboards at ALL. I made a few mistakes with spelling and had to delete some tweets. I could’ve made links to other websites using my phone, but it’s a process and for some reason I can’t copy and paste with the Twitter app. I usually can copy/paste on my phone, but I couldn’t with Twitter. Another downside was repeated use of my phone drained my battery. By the seventh inning, I was down to about 25 percent power. By then I couldn’t tweet a lot, and if I did; I wouldn’t have had a phone to use until I got home to charge it. That was a bad negative. I also wasn’t paying attention to the game as much when I was tweeting, because I was obviously forming a tweet. I didn’t want to miss anything, so I kept digressing from tweeting to watching the game, but I want my tweets to be relevant so I did my best to get a tweet out. Outside of a drained battery, these negatives are just minor and me nitpicking.

Overall, this was a fun experience. Twitter is an excellent tool for the media and for reporting news and even rumors. It’s also an excellent tool to get out information, by the second, to the world and your followers. The positives outweighed the negatives in my opinion. I’d like to try this with other sports too, especially fast-paced ones to see how that experience goes.

Photo is from author of this blog’s media library. Some rights reserved.


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