Analysis of SB Nation

SB Nation is probably one of the top sports blogging websites that allows fans to engage in and give their opinion on what they feel about their favorite teams.

To show they want to be one of the top blogs, they’ve literally, in the last week and a half completely overhauled their website to make it more visual and fan-friendly.

One of the reasons I like this blog is because the writers post interesting stories, game analysis and links on a regular basis. Meaning if I check every hour or so, I’ll see a new story or added links about my favorite team.

The best part of the site is that each sports hotbed region in the country has their own SB: Nation.

I visit SB Nation: Boston on a regular basis, and they have links to blogs for the Patriots (Pats Pulpit), the Celtics (CelticsBlog), the Bruins (Stanley Cup of Chowder), and the Red Sox (Over the Monster).

The way the blog is set up makes it simple to navigate. Even the old style of the website was simple. Dragging the cursor over a league such as the “NFL” will result in a drop down list popping up, highlighting all the teams in the league. That’s probably the best feature.

If you’re a visual person, you’ll like the new set up. On the main page, pictures highlight each new story and if you understand your team and players, then you’ll generally know what each article will be about when you see it.

The fan/author interaction is good too. Fans who sign up can comment on articles and the author of the article will usually reply back.

The downside of SB Nation is some of the simple features are gone. For example, when you visited CelticsBlog, all you had to do was scroll down to see all the stories. There was no highlighted story before. Just the story, the link and analysis of what was written.

Even the fan forums have changed. When you visited the site, fan posts were on the right hand side, but now you have to scroll down and highlight Community. In this section, there are three options Fan Shots, Fan Posts and Forums. I don’t know what the difference is between Fan Posts and Forums are as they both serve the same purpose. They need to eliminate one.

SB Nation was also mobile phone compatible before, but now it isn’t, or at least I don’t think so anymore. It’s picture-heavy so it takes a while to load, even on a smart phone.

In general, I don’t like the new design. It’s way too visual and the developers seem to have forgot about the blog part of the site. Like I said before, all you had to do was scroll down to see stories and a few pictures. Blogs are still the main point of everything, but it seems they’ve focused a lot more on the visual aspect.

Compared to other blogs such as Bleacher Report, this is the best fan blog site around.

Bleacher Report is similar, but doesn’t have a fan forum. It’s the fans who write. There aren’t any main writers that can be found on SB Nation. Instead, each team features the top writers as the ones who write and get the most page views. Each article that’s posted doesn’t have to be an article. It can just be a slideshow. In fact, many articles are just that.

Outside of SB Nation and Bleacher Report, there aren’t any other blogs that are similar to what they offer fans. There are blogs such as Ball Don’t Lie and Celtics Hub but most fall under major media networks and have writers with sources, credentials and who get paid a weekly salary.

Now if you want to read interesting blogs that are updated regularly and written by the same writers who have a good grasp on what they’re writing about, than look no further than SB Nation.


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