Storifying the NFL Referee Fiasco

Well putting together my Storify wasn’t too difficult at all. I enjoyed putting together all the relevant pieces to make an interesting and shortened down story about the NFL referee and NFL owner labor situation.

This topic was so recent that the internet was abundant with all sorts of articles, pictures, videos and tweets about the whole labor situation. Therefore all I had to do was place the right pieces into the right slots. Kind of like a puzzle.

To recap real quick, the NFL owners and the NFL Referee Association (NFLRA) couldn’t come to an agreement with a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), so the referees decided to go on strike.

The strike began in June and ended on Sep 26. A total of three weeks of regular season games were officiated by replacement referees.

For about a month, they had control of games and were indecisive about a lot of things, which led to botched calls.  Overall, the missed calls, the indecisiveness, and their inexperience would cost one team a game.

The result was players, fans and the media basically asking for these referees head’s on a silver plate. Twitter also became the place where fans and players vented their frustrations.

My Storify is exactly what I just said, except I tried to put it in the best chronological order I could. I gathered tweets, pictures, videos and news articles from across the internet and wrote some accompanying text for everything I posted.

Basically, if someone wanted to know what happened during the entire labor dispute and how the replacement referees fared, than all he or she would have to do is read my Storify. They wouldn’t have to search the internet for hours at a time to find examples of them screwing up. Everything is broken down on my Storify.

What made this fun was some of the videos and tweets I posted were pretty comical. If someone has a good sense of humor they’ll chuckle at what a farce this whole situation was.

The most challenging task was finding angry tweets from NFL players that took place two or three weeks ago. Luckily, I was following Twitter and was able to gather several very memorable, expletive-laden angry tweets that basically summed up how NFL players as a whole felt about the situation.

An issue I did have with Storify was that when I was trying to find information on Twitter or even on YouTube, I would get an error message saying “Twitter is not responding, request timed out.”

That happened numerous times while I was looking up Twitter handles. When it came to YouTube, sometimes a search for a video couldn’t be found, yet I was watching it directly through YouTube. That was the most frustrating part of using Storify.

Overall, that explains my Storify. The topic was straight-forward and news worthy. It was also fun to create. If I knew about this earlier, I would’ve created one about the Red Sox, which probably would’ve ended up as the longest Storify in history.

Photo (cc) by Ed Yourdon and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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