Finding Good Food at the Topsfield Fair is No Problem

I haven’t been going to the Topsfield Fair for a long time. In fact, last year was the first year I went probably since I was real little. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the setup and the types of food they sell.

I went after work to take pictures, and that day wasn’t a good “picture” day. It was cloudy, sprinkling and extremely crowded, which is expected for a Saturday night. I forgot that the fair was going to have their main concert with Hot Chelle Rae that night too.

Anyways, finding a theme turned out to be pretty easy. What do people like to do at fairs besides look at all the attractions? They like to eat, so I highlighted many different foods and snacks that are popular with people.

For starters, I had to photograph the World’s Largest Pumpkin, because it’s the world’s largest pumpkin. Then I took photos of food that people would eat at anytime such as sausages and pizza. To finish it off, I took photos of sweets and desserts. I mean if you’re eating food, than you’re going to eat dessert last. That’s my assumption anyways.

The main problem I had was getting quotes from people. I had a few rude customers who didn’t seem interested, which was understandable as they were with their families. I was able to get quotes from some of the venders though. An issue I had with them was they all wanted me to get some food if they were going to give me a quote. That was quite aggravating. I kind of figured that would run into this situation when I went in. The crowds didn’t help either. You could barely move around comfortably without being shoulder to shoulder with someone.

Once I got home I cropped some of the photos where i found some unnecessary space. When I took the photos, I tried to go for angles or take pictures from the side. I just like the way a photo looks when it comes from a perspective like that.

Photos are something I’m a perfection with. If I don’t like a photo, I’ll just delete it. I’m just picky. I’m also not big on color photos so I did mine in black and white. Journalism or not journalism, black and white photographs give an interesting take on a picture, especially when it comes to photojournalism. Depending on the perspective of the photo, black and white can keep a viewer guessing when the picture was taken.

Overall, I like the fair, but was unhappy that I wasn’t able to go out and conquer the plan that I had in mind.

Photos are from author of this blog’s media library. Some rights reserved.


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