As Expected, the Celtics Waive Rob Kurz and Micah Downs

The Celtics announced today that they’ve waived forwards Micah Downs and Rob Kurz.

Downs, a 6’8″ forward out of Gonzaga University, played in seven preseason games and averaged 3.0 PPG and 2.3 rebounds in about nine minutes of playing time.

Kurz, a 6’9″ forward out of Notre Dame, played in six preseason games and averaged 1.7 PPG and 1.8 rebounds in 8.3 minutes a game. He previously played for the Golden State Warriors in the 2008-2009 season, where he played in 40 games and averaged 3.9 PPG with 2.0 rebounds in about 11 minutes a game.

The Celtics’ roster is now set with 15 players, and is at full capacity for the season.


These two moves were expected. It was just a matter of when for the Celtics, especially after it was announced Kris Joesph won the battle for the last roster spot.

Kurz and Downs played their asses off during training camp and the preseason. They also got to learn from the best group of veterans currently in the game.

The question that remains is what happens to them?

It would be nice to see someone give them both a legitimate shot to play in the NBA, but the reality is that the game is a business and they don’t have the talent to stick around.

However, both Kurz and Downs have the chance to play in the NBADL, especially with the Celtics’ affiliate, the Maine Red Claws. That’s probably their best bet moving forward.

As for now, good luck to them.


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