What The Salem State Log is Doing to Embrace Social Media and Digital Technology


Well my first video blog that I made from scratch is completely done. The video is about how the staff at the Salem State Log at Salem State University is embracing social and digital media, and how they’re implementing it into their routine of publishing a college newspaper.

Since I’m new to this, I found the video making part a tad difficult. I had a brain fart on how to get my tripod to go up and down, so there’s a few spots where the camera shakes when I move it. I was able to cover one up with B-roll footage though, so that was good. It wasn’t easy to get a video of myself either. I kept making mistakes, and did about 20 retakes until I said what I wanted to say in a clear and non-stuttering manner.

Finding a situation where I could interview people in a comfortable setting wasn’t easy as well. Luckily I had another assignment to do at SSU, so I was able to knock out two assignments in one day. If I did this video project again, I don’t know what I’d do. I don’t mind talking to people, but I do know that most people are uncomfortable when someone sticks a camera in their face and asks them questions. I know I would be. Those were my main issues and I didn’t like that.

Now that the negative issues are out of the way, the best part of this project was iMovie. I found it to be fun and quite easy after I played around with it for a bit. Editing sound, adding transitions, and the names of the people were easy. In fact, if I had to edit a video of this size again, I’d probably be able to finish it in an hour or so.

If I had to do this again, I would definitely know how to get my tripod to go up and down. I don’t know why, but I just forgot. I’d also try to conduct interviews in a quieter environment and not after a meeting when everyone is talking. One of my interviewees seemed nervous and shy. That was my fault and I should’ve made her feel more comfortable. Getting people to talk louder is something I’d do differently and I’d probably ask them more open ended questions as well.

All in all, I’m proud of what I did and I had fun editing the video.


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