Celtics Pick Up Avery Bradley’s Option for 2013-2014 Season

The Celtics exercised the 2013-2014 option for Avery Bradley today. The extension means he’ll fulfill his entire four year rookie contract, then become a free agent after that season.

Bradley will make $2,511,432 for the 2013-2014 season. He’s making $1,630,800 this season.


This move was expected.

Bradley will be the starting shooting guard next to Rajon Rondo once he gets back from rehabbing his shoulders after receiving double shoulder surgery in the offseason.

He emerged as a defensive star last season after Doc Rivers had to use him to fill in for an injured Ray Allen. Once Allen came back, it was hard to take Bradley out of the starting lineup. He wasn’t only playing defense, but he was nailing 3-pointers and jumpshots on a regular basis.

Bradley formed a strong relationship with Rondo to a point where they had excellent chemistry. Rondo would use Bradley’s speed on slash plays where Bradley would run pass his defender and go under the basket to take a Rondo pass to lay it in. In the playoffs, their chemistry drove the Hawks, 76ers and Heat crazy and once Bradley was injured, the Celtics were much weaker.

It was fun to watch, and as the second half of last season went on, Celtics’ fans knew they had a budding star on their hands. Bradley even led Allen to leave Boston because Rivers planned to put him in the starting lineup over Allen who’d come off the bench, which was something he wasn’t keen on.

Next up for Bradley, besides getting healthy, is to get a contract extension. Hopefully, the development of Bradley is proof that the Celtics will keep trying to develop young players so they don’t have to rely on the free agent market for veterans to round out the roster.

For now, it’s going to be fun watching Bradley for the next two years.


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