A Chocolate Lover’s Dream Can Be Found on Beacon Hill

Finding delicious handmade chocolate and truffles in Boston isn’t easy, especially if you’re a tourist or a college student who has a chocolate craving, and is new to the city. So the question is, where can you go to get some?

Luckily for you, there’s a nice little chocolate shop nestled in the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood, just minutes from the Boston Common called, fittingly enough, Beacon Hill Chocolates.

Truffles and fine chocolate always have many different mouth-watering flavors, but Beacon Hill Chocolates has a distinct difference from the average chocolate shop.

“Our artisan chocolate is imported from all over the world,” said Ariana Barber, Boston resident and manager at Beacon Hill Chocolates. “We aren’t limited to what we can come up with.”

She said their chocolate currently comes from France, Belgium and all over New England. Inside one of BHC pamphlets, they have a listing of their different chocolates, which says “every chocolate is hand-selected for its excellence in quality, flavor and beauty.”

Customers have a plentiful choice to pick out over 60 different flavored truffles. The hard part is trying to pick out a few, because they all look so delicious.

“Right now our most popular chocolates are the salted caramels,” Barber said. “Each of them comes in either milk or dark chocolate, and is sprinkled with a bit of salt.”

To see how good these chocolates were, I bought a box of six. They were all delicious, but I’ll highlight a few really good ones.

The first one I tried was the salted caramel dipped in milk chocolate. I’m not a fan of mixing salt with chocolate, but this was an exception. The caramel was very chewy and soft, and the chocolate was very sweet. The added salt could be tasted too, and I found it to be perfect and quite satisfying.

As a fan of mint, I really enjoyed their mint pie truffle. It was very minty, and you could taste the small pieces of Oreo cookies that were layered underneath the chocolate. I had to buy a few of these.

Finally, my favorite chocolate was the root beer float. As a huge fan of root beer floats, I’ll try almost anything that tastes like root beer. This chocolate has a milk chocolate shell, with ganache that’s made with real root beer. A truly delicious flavor.

Address: 91 Charles St., Boston, Ma 02114

Telephone: (617)725-1900
Store Hours: Mon. to Sat. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sun. 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
E-Mail: inquiry@beaconhillchocolates.com                                                               Website: www.beaconhillchocolates.com                                                                 Directions: Closest T stop is at Park Street. From there, take a short walk through the Boston Common to Beacon St. Walk along Beacon St., and Charles St. is on the right.

Price Range: Truffles start at $2 ea. Boxed truffle sets range from $14-$60. Keepsake gift boxes are available too, which range from $18-$60 depending on the amount of chocolates.                                                                                                   


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