Darko Milicic to Leave the Celtics

In an article for ESPN, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said that backup center Darko Milicic will be leaving the team for the rest of the season so that he can take care of his sick mother in Serbia.

Milicic played in one game for the Celtics back on Nov. 2 during the team’s home opener against the Milwaukee Bucks. He played just five minutes, and had one rebound, two turnovers and one foul.

Rivers said that the team has known for a while that Milicic’s mother has been sick, but he never thought that he’d leave the Celtics to go and take care of her.

Rivers added that Milicic wasn’t himself since he got news about her her health.


With Milicic leaving, this opens a roster spot for the team. Unfortunately, Rivers said the team isn’t in a rush to sign anyone. As Celtics’ fans know, that is hogwash. He’s obviously not going to come out and say he and Danny Ainge are going to sign someone. They will fill the spot, but it won’t just be anyone.

Right now this team can’t rebound. In fact, it’s more pathetic than last year. The free agent options for big men are slim pickings. Ainge could sign Chris Andersen or Kenyon Martin, but that’s it. A trade is possible, but most of the guys on the roster can’t be traded immediately because they were just signed.

Signing a point guard is also another option. Delonte West anyone? However, another guard on the roster isn’t needed right now.

The reality is, the roster spot that’s open is for someone who’ll occupy the bench. Milicic wasn’t getting minutes and unless a game changer comes in, that next person won’t be playing much either.

This situation will be interesting to follow between now and Christmas. If anyone comes in, it’ll be someone who can rebound.

Photo (cc) by k1k0.com and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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