Celtics Officially Waive Darko Milicic

According to the Celtics official website, the team officially waived backup center Darko Milicic so that he can go back home and care for his sick mother in Serbia.

“Darko has asked us to release him so he could deal with a personal matter,” said Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge. “The whole Celtics family wishes Darko and his family well.”

Milicic, a 7’0” center, averaged 2.6 points and 4.2 rebounds across 5 preseason and regular season games with the Celtics this year.

First off, I hope his mother gets better. That’s the most important thing. Family comes first.

With saying that, it’s too bad we never got to see him play more minutes. I know he’s the biggest bust in the history of the NBA, but let’s look at him as a role player. I would’ve loved to have seen what he could do to help this team. Now we’ll never know.

Milicic showed a lot of promise in the preseason. He could pass, rebound and play in the post. Right now the Celtics could use a another big guy to help cure their rebounding woes as it’s in a real pathetic state. We shall see what happens, but this open roster spot will lead to a lot of rumors and conversation among fans and the media.


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