Rajon Rondo Suspended for Altercation With Kris Humphries

The bad news just keeps rolling in for the Celtics. This time starting point guard Rajon Rondo will be suspended for the next two games due to his physical altercation with Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries yesterday.

Gerald Wallace and Kevin Garnett were also both fined for “escalating the incident.” Wallace was fined $25,000, while Garnett was hit with a $35,000 fine. Humphries wasn’t suspended or fined.

The fight started shortly before halftime during the Nets blowout win.

At the time, the Nets were up by 16 points. Kevin Garnett was driving to the basket when Humphries fouled him. Garnett fell to the floor, and by the time he got up, the pushing and shoving already started.

Rondo took exception to the foul and started shoving Humphries into the crowd. That led to other players going into the stands to pull them apart and for others to go and stick up for their teammates who were part of the scrum. Nets forward Gerald Wallace was the most physical player, outside of Rondo and Humphries, was shoving Garnett around pretty good.

So the question is, was the suspension Rondo received justified?

I believe it was. I’m probably in the minority for what happened, but the fact remains, he was the main aggressor. Humphries fouled Garnett a little harder than normal, but that’s basketball. But after the hit, it seemed like Garnett sold his fall to the referees a little bit. In other words, it was a little more dramatic than usual. Typical of NBA players these days.

What Rondo should’ve done was get in Humphries face, have a few words, and maybe shove him a little bit. Shoving meaning a few pushes, and not pushing him into the stands. That’s it. He probably wouldn’t have gotten suspended or even fined, and if he did get fined, it would’ve been real small.

My whole issue is everybody saying it’s good he showed toughness and leadership, and that he’ll stick up for a teammate. Does Rondo really have to prove to the world that he’ll stick up for Garnett who has been his friend and teammate since 2007? No it doesn’t. This isn’t the streets of Boston or Lawrence, Mass., where you’re trying to prove to your high school buddies that you’re tough. People promoting and saying Rondo “kicked Humphries ass” are ill-informed. If Rondo is going to be a leader, he needs to show better judgement. Celtics analyst Donny Marshall said it best by saying “being a leader means staying on the court.” Even Celtics coach Doc Rivers said it was a boneheaded move by Rondo. I understand that he won’t throw his players under the bus, but Rivers is usually a pretty stand up and honest guy. I believe he meant what he said.

I like Rondo a lot. He’s improving everyday. There was a time where I never thought he’d learn how to shoot a decent midrange jumpshot, but now he does. What he needs to improve on is his judgement of situations. This is the third time he has been suspended in the last nine months. That’s unacceptable of someone who is going to be a leader.

Personally, I think he isn’t ready to be called a leader. Some media members might have put that label on him because of the way he plays and facilitates a game.

But right now, Rondo is more of a leader in training, and whether or not he becomes a real leader is debatable. For all we know, he might not even want that title. The way I see it, as long as Paul Pierce is playing, this will be his team until he retires.


Kris Joseph Earns Final Roster Spot

WEEI has reported that 2nd-round draft pick and small forward Kris Joseph has earned the 15th and final roster spot for the Celtics.

The 6’7″ Joseph played four years at Syracuse University before getting drafted by the Celtics this past June.

His best game during the preseason was against the Brooklyn Nets where he scored 11 points in just 12 minutes, while shooting 5 for 7 from the floor. Joseph also grabbed five rebounds in the blowout win.


Unless the trade of a lifetime comes across Danny Ainge’s desk, the 2012-2013 roster is pretty much set.

It seems now that Rob Kurz and Micah Downs will be getting cut since Joseph got the last roster spot. This was expected once it came down to him, Kurz and Downs.

At the beginning of training camp, I thought Dionte Christmas would get the last roster spot as he was tremendous during the Summer League, while Joseph was up and down. It seemed even more set in stone once Keyon Dooling retired, but Christmas struggled against seasoned NBA veterans. After Leandro Barbosa was signed, it seemed that Joseph would make the team over Kurz and Downs because of his skill set.

Joseph also helped himself by playing hard through anything that Doc Rivers threw at him. He opened eyes with his scoring ability and willingness to get into the paint for a basket during a few games in the preseason. He also rebounded and kept his turnover ratio down, which is a very good thing. All things considered, he did well.

Now despite making the team, his roster spot is in no way secured for the long haul. His contract doesn’t become guaranteed until January 10, so between now and then, and in the words of Kevin Garnett: Anything is possible.

So looking ahead, what does the future hold for Joseph?

It’s a good bet he won’t see playing time while he’s with the big club this season. Unless, Jeff Green or Paul Pierce go down for an extended period of time, and I sure as hell hope that doesn’t happen, look for him to go play in the NBADL with the Celtics affiliate, the Maine Red Claws. Up there, he’ll learn the offense and defense a little bit better, and will get the playing time he needs to keep active. If Joseph is part of the Celtics’ future, then there’s no point in having him ride the pine for 82 games. Having him get experience is the best thing for him.

Photo (cc) by Stephanie Rita Hart and republished here under a Creative Commons license. All rights reserved.